Chainsaw Op-Ed: Web3 & Women

I was asked to write an Op-ed for a new crypto publication about how web3 can do better at bringing women and people from underserved communities into the space.

Women are ready to enter Web3, and adoption is on the rise

"Web3 adoption shows great promise for empowerment. According to a report in The Defiant, on a scale of 1 to 10, women gave themselves on average a favourable 7+ when asked whether their financial literacy and independence had improved since exploring cryptocurrency.

Women and the underrepresented often enter this space uncertain and unsure, or are intimidated by the complexity — but after acquiring knowledge and skills, they thrive within the Web3 ecosystem, often contributing further to their digital communities or launching their own projects.

A recent study by Gemini found that approximately 60% of adults in Latin America and Africa say crypto is “the future of money”. Nearly 50% of those that plan to purchase crypto in the next year are women, and educational resources would make more than 50% of respondents in Latin America and Africa more comfortable purchasing cryptocurrency. The needs and demand of a new, accessible financial system are clear.

So how can Web3 companies meet and provide these opportunities? What needs to be done to further help support adoption among women and underserved communities?"

Read the entire piece on Chainsaw.

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