Eight Blockchain-Based Social Justice Projects We Love

Blockchain is About More Than Just Making Money

One of the most common objections to crypto is that “there are no real-world use-cases”. We beg to differ. So today, we want to highlight eight blockchain-based projects that are focused on Black and Indigenous thriving.

Why do we want to focus specifically on these communities?

Communities that have been marginalized by traditional finance and government institutions have the most to gain from decentralized systems.

We are excited by how these projects are using blockchain in unique ways to align their communities around shared interests and values, create new opportunities and capture priceless wisdom.

So the next time someone says, “crypto has no real use-cases”, you can offer up these projects as evidence and inspiration.

Bronze DAO: Social club and advocacy group supporting global repatriation of looted artifacts, starting with African Benin Bronzes.

Black Women in Blockchain Council: Correcting Diversity & Inclusion in Blockchain & Fintech

40 Acres DAO: Developing self-sustaining communities of color using blockchain technology - Engage, Educate, Empower.

Black Leaders DAO: Advancing the next generation of Black leaders through web3 literacy, financial empowerment, and NFT + social token launches.

Common Lands: Building a new path to homeownership. Using community solidarity & blockchain to create an accessible, affordable, cooperative housing DAO

Thirsty Thirsty: Thirsty Thirsty is an ancestral remembrance project disguised as the coolest food and wine club on Earth. Through celebrating ancestral agricultural lineages, we regenerate the planet and our interconnectedness – deliciously.

Land Back DAO: Returning Land to Indigenous Care

Ahau - I am: A decentralized platform that helps whanau families and tribal communities capture, preserve and share important information and histories into secure whanau-managed databases.

More and more similar organizations are emerging in web3 everyday. This is a good thing. Communities mobilizing around shared values is the first step to producing impact.

Want to learn more about public goods, social justice projects or regenerative finance?

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