Five Women We Love in Web3

We have so many girl crushes in Web3.

Honestly, the space is full of bright and beautiful women #swoon.

Today we wanted to share a few of our favorites. The list was long, but we narrowed it down to five women who inspire us to learn more and do a lot for the space through their work.

Very often, there is this unspoken feeling that to work in this space, you have to be a developer. But the crypto/Web3/blockchain space is multi-disciplinary and encompasses a wide array of topics beyond just finance. If you currently work in marketing, branding, storytelling or media, project management or development, education, research, politics, etc…you have a space and are needed here (I have friends that do all these jobs within the space).

If you think you might want to work in this space but aren’t sure how your skills might apply, let’s chat. Or, maybe you want to start your own project within web3? In that case, check out our Transitioning your biz from Web2 > 3 workshop.

In the meantime, swipe right on all the amazing women on this list, and learn more about how women are leading the way in web3, and let them inspire you!

Evin McMullen, Co-Founder & CEO of Disco

Generally not considered a sexy topic, Evin actually gets us excited about privacy. Web2 has made privacy obsolete, and concerns around centralized providers, like Google and Facebook, selling our data for profit proliferate. While one of blockchain’s popular hallmarks is its transparent yet anonymous nature, Evin asks us to think about what we want to be shared, where, with whom, and how when it comes to our on-chain activity. These are the types of things we need to be thinking about and questions we need to be asking right now as this web3 and blockchain space is emerging. And Evin is “living the questions” via Disco, which will empower users to have true control over their blockchain data.

Gabriela Chang, Co-Founder of Ethichub

Gabriela walks the talk. There is so much optimistic chatter in this space about what could be built (and we are definitely on team optimism), but sometimes all the noise in the space feels like just that. We like to see folks that aren’t just talking but doing. And not just doing, but crushing it. Meet Gabriela.

Gabriela is the co-founder of Ethichub, a protocol connecting unbanked smallholder farmers with yield farmers and lenders globally and backed by their own token (Ethix). This is one of our favorite Regenerative Finance (ReFi) projects that we are constantly referring to when it comes to impactful crypto and web3 use cases. We met Gabriela at a ReFi event and instantly fell in love with her mission and project. She can talk passionately for hours about helping farmers escape the poverty cycle using crypto rails. We think many projects could learn from Ethichub’s design and success, and we offer them as a model to explore.

Kristin Smith, Executive Director of Blockchain Association

Another not-so-sexy topic is regulation. We know regulation isn’t as exciting as the next big NFT project or hottest new token, but it's hella important. And we should all be grateful for Kristin's work to help the collective space when it comes to crypto-positive regulation. The Blockchain Association is dedicated to developing a strategic public policy roadmap for the crypto industry. And thank goddess. We need them to advocate sensical crypto regulation on the industry’s behalf. Sometimes it feels like nothing could be more important.

Rebecca Mqamelo, Co-founder of 0xcity3

Rebecca is a veteran in the space and has worked for projects like Zerion and ValuesESG. What we love most about Rebecca is her work around Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs) and bringing important web3 use cases to life. Rebecca’s work centers on the think-globally, act locally ethos. Her newest project 0xcity3 prioritizes making crypto and web3 useful at the local community level. As her Substack post announcing the venture describes, “think token-gated commerce for small businesses, new ways to fund public goods, complementary currencies, etc...” 0xcity3 wants to ground some of the biggest ideas, and they are starting in Oakland, California.

You can read her study on CICs in Kenya here.

Camila Russo, Author of The Infinite Machine and Founder of The Defiant

Chilean-born Camila is the author of one of crypto’s most popular books, The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum. This book is now being made into a feature film, with Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott co-producing the project (Mega congrats Cami!!). If that wasn’t cool enough, Cami founded The Defiant, which is a Brooklyn-based media outlet generating news and content (their videos are fantastic) on the crypto and DeFi space. Cami is, without a doubt, a leader in crypto-media, and we can only imagine what she’ll build next (right after she wins an Oscar ;-)

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