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We’re here to demystify cryptocurrency and foster a beautiful community along the way.
“…when so much money, energy and talent flows toward a new thing, it’s generally a good idea to pay attention, regardless of your views on crypto itself.”
“…Women are great investors, and when they take action, it can work out quite well for them.”

Lorna Kapusta, Head of Women Investors & Customer Engagement, Fidelity

0xx Crypto Community
“Thank you so much for building this community. I’m so inspired by this space!”
0xx Crypto Community
“The community you are welcomed into is amazing.”


0xx Crypto Community

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Transitioning from Web2 to Web3

If you have an online business, want to work in the space, or are curious about how to transition your talents to web3, this workshop is for you.
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0xx Crypto Community
0xx Crypto Community

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If you’re curious or excited about the new wave of NFTs and web3, take this opportunity to uplevel your knowledge and expand your horizons.
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