NFT Mini-Class

If you’re curious or excited about the new wave of NFTs and web3, take this opportunity to uplevel your knowledge and expand your horizons.
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WTF are NFTs?

In this free mini-class we break down the who, what, where, when and why of NFTs. We touch on NFT history, phases of evolution, the creator economy, the power of ownership and more.
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What's Included

Holistic Guidance
Multi-dimensional learning and support for you
40min pre-recorded mini-class diving deep into NFTs and exploring them from many angles.
0xx’s Glossary with over 80 blockchain and web3 terms to help you adapt your crypto vocabulary.
Additional resources to support your continued learning.
Learn how NFTs could be a great tool for you or your business.
0xx Crypto Community

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NFTs are so much more than digital artwork. They are a revolution in digital sales, and a game-changer for creators, artists, businesses and collectors around the world.