0xx Crypto Community
0xx Crypto Community


Women Are Going To Make It
Because there’s more for us than
Making $0.82 for every
$1.00 a man makes.
42% of fellow women experiencing gender discrimination in the workplace.
25% of women facing negative career impacts after welcoming a child.

Can Web3 Help Offset Womenomics?

Yes. It’s our rallying cry.
As valuable members of our cultures and countries, we have the opportunity to overcome the power imbalance created by gender bias and elevate the status quo. Using crypto as our tool, we believe in financial power and investing in the hands of all, supported by community and accessibility.
0xx Crypto Community
We all thrive when our outer impact aligns with our personal financial security.
“Cryptocurrency has a problem:
there are too many men.”

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0xx Crypto Community

Our Name

0x {iconic blockchain transaction prefix} + x {the female chromosome & expanded gender binaries} = 0xx {our crypto community and education hub that empowers all women and  to participate in Web3.}

Ultimately, we’re not solving for “x”, we’re solving for equality.

Our Community

From corporate executives in Argentina and stay at home mothers in New York City, the 0xx community spans occupations and locations around the globe. We also hold different levels of knowledge about crypto. Some of us are just starting to explore Web3 and others are completely immersed in it. But no matter where we are at, there’s one goal in focus: to foster camaraderie through conversation and education about the new opportunities that exist within Web3. (Honestly, crypto is often poorly explained. There’s no need for that barrier, so we’re here to knock it down.)
0xx Crypto Community

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About Our Creator

Entrepreneur and crypto educator Briana founded 0xx to be a welcoming front door for other women to walk through.  Frustrated by the lack of financial safety nets for new mothers in the freelancing world, Briana knew there must be other options and began exploring decentralized, accessible wealth building options in Web3.
Discouraged by the overabundance of bro-marketing and utter lack of accessible education, Briana set out to raise the bar with making crypto truly accessible to women from all walks of life. Her goal is to act as a catalyst for bringing together the bold—those that want to radically uplift the world and their bank accounts.

Briana also offers consulting Services to select web2 based companies transitioning to web3.

0xx Crypto Community

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