Transitioning from Web2 to Web3

In this 75min workshop, we explore why the shift from web2 to web3 is an important evolution in our digital lives and how to start thinking about yourself or your business in web3.
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Web3 Wave

If you have a digitally based business, want to work in the space, or are curious about how to transition your talents to web3, this workshop is for you.
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What's Included

Your step-by-step guide to catching the wave.

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75min comprehensive workshop covering web3 fundamentals plus advanced topics
Meet other women entering the space and start building your web3 squad
Additional articles, podcasts, and extra materials to support your curiosity
Learn about the best applications and platforms to start using to enter web3
0xx Crypto Community

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Web2 vs Web3

This workshop uses a historical lens to examine the evolution of the internet from web0 to web3. We emphasize the challenges of web2, the solutions web3 may offer us, and how to get started in this exciting new phase.
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